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Electric vehicles have come a long way since they first entered the market, and now you can count on one thing for sure: going electric doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of your vehicle. In fact, electric vehicles can offer some unique benefits over other vehicles on the road today. If you’re curious about EVs, you should browse Volkswagen’s lineup of all-electric models through our website. Our inventory of new Volkswagen EVs is the best in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area, so you can find it all with us.

Benefits of All-Electric Vehicles

An all-electric engine has several benefits over a traditionally fueled engine. Obviously, with an electric engine you don’t have to worry about gas prices. Most EV’s can be charged at home overnight or at charging stations, which are becoming increasingly common. That means you could be saving lots of money over the years, as gas prices fluctuate and trend higher and higher. One of the less talked about benefits, however, is how quiet the engine is. Because of their low volume, EV’s can offer a unique driving experience and new levels of comfort on the road. Additionally, with fewer moving parts in the engine, EVs will also typically have lower maintenance costs than other vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Vehicles

Since EVs are still relatively new to the market, you may have some questions about them. For example, some people may ask about the range of an EV on a single charge. EV car batteries are getting better and better, and you can expect especially great results from a Volkswagen ID.4, capable of up to 275 miles on a single charge. How do EV batteries work, and are they different from a normal car battery? To start with, EV car batteries are much larger than normal car batteries, both in size and capacity. They’re also built using different, more efficient materials for energy storage.

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Interested in switching to an EV? You should have a look at the Volkswagen ID.4. This EV SUV is an excellent choice for anyone considering an electric vehicle. Stylish, futuristic looks on the outside are matched by a high-tech, comfortable interior. You’ll love the way this car handles on the road, and you can count on it for superb performance thanks to its 295-horsepower. Plus, a wide range of cutting-edge safety features will keep you informed on the road like never before. Browse our inventory of Volkswagen ID.4 models available today in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area.

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