2018 Volkswagen Atlas Vs. 2018 Ford Explorer

Comparing 2018 Volkswagen Atlas Vs. 2018 Ford Explorer

Who says good things come in small packages? Pennsylvania families need the space that an SUV provides for all of those car pools and sports gear and everyday adventures.

Two of the most popular choices in SUVs are the Volkswagen Atlas and the Ford Explorer. New car buyers should compare the available features of the 2018 models to decide which one best fits their style.

Standard Features

Both choices provide roomy, 3-row seating in an appealing exterior. They also offer standard features that show why consumers choose these brands.

  • Rear A/C that provides optimal comfort for back-seat passengers.
  • Daytime running lights to increase vehicle visibility during the daytime.
  • Back-up cameras that provide an increased scope of vision behind the vehicle.

While they have similarities, there are some differences that might influence your buying decision.

  • A refrigerated section in the glove compartment of the Atlas lets you keep your drinks, snacks, and medications cool all day long.
  • The 12-speaker Fender audio system on the Atlas blows the competition away with studio-quality sound reproduction.
  • The Atlas has superior gas mileage compared to the Ford Explorer with an estimated 26 MPG Highway and an estimated 22 MPG City.
  • The Volkswagen Atlas has more third row leg room than the Ford Explorer for all of your passengers.

Built-In Safety

The Ford Explorer and Volkswagen Atlas both enjoy high overall, frontal, and side safety ratings. Each vehicle is engineered to keep you and your passengers protected in almost any situation.

  • Electronic stability control and anti-lock braking systems give you control on icy Pennsylvania roads.
  • Both vehicles come with brake assist to help drivers stop quickly in the event of emergency braking.
  • Multiple airbags mean less damage to passengers from direct impact.

The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas offers additional safety features not found in the Explorer:

  • The Atlas comes with an intelligent crash response system that turns off the fuel pump, unlocks the doors, and activates the hazard lights in the event of a collision in which the airbags are deployed.
  • The Atlas comes with auto-leveling headlights that keep your headlights pointed at the road, no matter what terrain you are driving on.
  • As a standard safety feature, the Atlas comes with integrated turn signal mirrors so that your turn signal is visible to vehicles traveling next to you in a potential blind spot.

The Atlas gives you everything the Explorer offers, plus more. With a variety of customization options, you can create the perfect crossover SUV for your family’s lifestyle.

If you are considering a Volkswagen Atlas and want to see how it compares to the Ford Explorer and other similar vehicles check out this Dare to Compare.

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